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Risks of Cellphone Use While Driving

Forty-one states have bans against this type of distracted driving, and another 11 states completely ban drivers from using handheld cellphones in any way while behind the wheel. While laws like these do help to curb some distracted driving, and thus prevent terrible car accidents, recent studies have suggested that this type of legislation falls short of addressing the problem.

A recent study performed by AAA found that when drivers are banned from using handheld cellphones, forcing them to turn to devices like Bluetooth and other hands-free technologies, they are still dangerously distracted.

According to AAA, a driver who is chatting on a hands-free device is twice as distracted as a driver who is not. And, drivers who utilize technologies that allow them to dictate emails or texts face triple the distraction levels of those who are simply driving. So, this study indicates that taking one’s hands off the wheel to type a text may not be the main problem; taking one’s mind off driving is the problem.

The findings seem to make sense. An earlier study that took place in 2008 found that the part of the human brain that is used to drive is the same part that is used to actively listen. This part of the brain does not perform well when forced to do these two tasks at the same time. So, while banning texting and handheld phones may be a start, it is not an end-all solution to preventing distracted driving accidents.

Texas residents should be aware that in order to drive safely, they need to focus on their minds and bodies. This means keeping one’s hands on the wheel and one’s mind on the road.

Distracted driving is one of the biggest and most dangerous car accident risks we face today, and if drivers in Texas commit to focusing their attention on driving safely, many car accidents – as well as injuries and deaths – can be avoided.

Navigating Through a Work Zone Safely

Distracted driving is one of the largest, yet preventable, causes of crashes on our nation’s roadways. Hundreds of road construction workers are injured and/or killed every year due to a distracted driver.

Road construction workers across the nation witness distracted drivers passing through work zones, usually inattentive to the reduced speed postings or the workers themselves. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Secretary, Mike Hancock says it’s not uncommon for workers to see drivers participating in a number of various distractions while driving from eating or talking on a cellphone and trying to maneuver through construction equipment and traffic cones. He urges drivers to strongly reconsider distractions while driving, but particularly when driving through work zones.

“We’re asking drivers to consider work zones as ‘no phone zones’ in order to keep everyone safe on our roadways.”

Before you approach a road construction zone, be prepared for a slower commute that requires quicker reaction time. Spring and summer months can almost always guarantee a plethora of road work in your area, so plan ahead and give yourself some extra time. Don’t engage in aggressive driving behavior such as tailgating and avoid all distractions; your main focus should be navigating through the work zone in a safe and responsible manner. Always keep a safe distance from workers and obey signs and the posted speed; don’t lag too much or go over the speed limit.

Remember, as frustrating as road construction zones can be, road workers are working hard and efficiently to keep your roads in working order and safe for year-round travel. The next time you want to shake your fist while passing a work zone site, think about the lives that are in constant danger, the workers who have worked in all kinds of weather, and the hundreds of lives lost to make our roads safer to navigate. Don’t let your trip through a work zone become a “costly mistake”.

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