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Rio Grande Valley Nursing Homes: COVID-19 Is Still an Issue

Though we have been dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic as a country and, more locally, in the Rio Grande Valley for well over half of the year, the pandemic remains a large and very deadly threat, especially in nursing homes and communities. As the threat remains, or even gets larger, outside of nursing homes, the probability of the virus penetrating these at-risk populations gets even higher.

If your loved one or family member is a resident of a retirement community or nursing home facility in the Rio Grande Valley, it’s a good idea to keep tabs on how well the staff and other residents of the facility are staying in line with CDC regulations to keep everyone safe and COVID-free. This becomes all the more important when you realize that nursing homes account for over 40% of the deaths from coronavirus.

If you suspect that your loved one is especially at risk of getting coronavirus or passing it on to someone else, it’s a good idea to be in touch with a lawyer in your area who has experience fighting the liability shield granted to nursing homes. Depending on your situation, your case may be able to challenge these liability shields and allow you and your family to be compensated.

While the legal liability shields granted to nursing homes in the thick of this pandemic can be good in some cases, as some COVID-19 infections are not the product of negligence. For instance, if a resident contracts the virus despite the nursing home being in line with all state and federal regulations and procedures, they have an argument against negligence.

However, if it is found out—either by you or someone else—that the nursing home your loved one is staying in is in breach of these rules and they contract the virus, you could have a case. Contact a skilled Rio Grande Valley attorney as soon as possible to talk through your options, especially if your loved one’s COVID-19 case ended in death or substantial medical bills.

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