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Why Does Burn Injury Recovery Depends on Severity?

 What most of us know about burn injuries is only what we have seen on TV or in books. There is already a stereotypical knowledge of what this injury should feel or look like, so when we hear there was an injury, a certain image already plays out in our minds. 

How Long Does it Take To recover from a Burn Injury?

 Your recovery from a burn depends on the severity of the injury, as not all are severe and require a lot of treatment.


There are four types, or rather four classifications of burns, and are classified by degrees, and these degrees determine their severity.

Here are the burn degrees arranged in the order of least severe to most severe: 


First-degree: This is usually called a superficial burn, and it affects just the outer layer of the skin. This is the kind of injury that happens when you are frying something and a few hot oil splashes on your finger. It is usually not serious, and in some cases requires no treatment at all, as it goes on its own. 

When a first-degree burn happens, there is usually a bit of swelling, redness, and a tingling sensation on the spot where the injury happens. As the injury begins to heal, the dead skin peels off on its own.


Second-degree: This injury deeper than the first-degree burn and goes to affect the second layer of the skin, albeit not so much. This usually needs immediate medical attention, unlike the first in which a few home remedies can be used to reduce the effect. This takes longer to heal as well, reaching up to three weeks in some cases. After this heals, it leaves a scar or at least a semi-permanent change in skin pigment.


Third-degree: This goes through every layer of the skin, and sometimes the person injured might not feel any pain because the nerves might have been damaged in the burn. They usually begin to feel tremendous pain as they heal. The first thing to do after a third-degree burn is to call 911 immediately. 


Fourth-degree: This is worse than the third degree burn and the person involved may not survive this if it goes beyond one part of the body. This injury through the skin deep into the tendons and the bones and the person usually loses that body part completely.

Whichever degree the burn is, get medical attention, especially from the second degree downwards. 


Also, try your possible best to stay safe and avoid any kind of fire accident.