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Why Do We Have Speed Limits?

The first speed limit was introduced in the United Kingdom way back in 1861 at 10 miles per hour, or 16 kilometers per hours. Speed limits were first implemented to control traffic speed for several reasons. One of which is to reduce that number of accidents. Imagine a highway with hills and there is no speed limit. Someone may be going 100 miles per hour and cannot even see that car ahead. You can envision the difficulty this would cause.

Another reason speed limits were implemented is to control the flow of traffic. This is related to traffic safety. If there are several collisions on a highway due to lack of a speed limit, these vehicles would need attention and thus slow down the overall flow of traffic. It could also make it dangerous for those who were in the accident, fixing their cars, changing a flat tire. Nobody wants to be stuck on the road with cars whizzing by them at a high rate of speed.

Texas does have a stretch of highway where the speed limit is a whopping 85 miles per hour. However, this is a very flat highway with a minimum speed limit posted as well. This highway has a few accidents but also doesn’t have a heavy flow of traffic. If there are accidents, they tend to be very serious in nature.

The most well-known highway with no speed limit in the world is, of course, the Autobahns in Germany. On the Autobahns there is no posted speed limit for citizens to stay under. Even though you can go as fast as you and your car feel comfortable, the data doesn’t show that drivers take advantage too often. The average speed for vehicles on the Autobahns is 88 miles per hour.

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