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What To Know Before Taking Your New Medication

Our bodies were not built to be flawless and for this, we sometimes fall ill. When we fall ill, we most times seek treatment in a hospital with the appropriate medical professionals – the medical doctors. In many cases, the doctor would order for a diagnosis to identify what causes the ailment of the patient experiences. After the diagnoses have revealed what is causing the disease in the patient, the patient is either prepared for a medical procedure like surgery or drugs are prescribed for the patient.

Sometimes when patients are given new drugs, they just accept the prescription, take it to the pharmacist to get the drugs and description on how to use them. But they never ask the doctors the right questions or any question at all. This is sometimes so because they do not know the right questions to ask the doctor.

In the subsequent parts of this article, we shall be discussing the questions one should ask the doctor when they get a new medication and why they should ask these questions.

The name of the medication and its function in treatment – it is essential you know the name of the drug you ingest and what it is meant to do. For instance, in a situation where a person experiences a side effect, without the name of the drug, it may be difficult for a medical professional to assist the patient in alleviating the discomfort without the name of the drug. Also, if you do not know the function of the drug, how will you ever know if it is effective or not.

The side effect profile of the drug – all drugs have side effect and you should be curious to know the side effects to expect from taking your medication. This is important so that you can prepare for it and know what to do when the side effect shows up. In some cases, you may need to report back to the health facility when you experience certain side effects so by asking the doctor, you will get to know these things.

How long do I take my medications? – to avoid therapeutic failure or complications, one should take the medication for the prescribed duration and not stop except the doctor advises


Asides these 3, other questions one should ask the doctor are:


What food, drugs, and drinks should one avoid while on the medication?

Can I get a generic version of the medication?

What should be done if one misses a dose of the medication?

When the medication is likely to take effect?

Is the medication safe in pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Are there tests necessary to monitor the medication?

Are there long-term risks associated with using this drug?


To ensure that the outcome of therapy is achieved and the one is safe throughout taking the medication, one must ask these questions. Sometimes, the drugs may not act like they are expected to and your only saving grace may be the knowledge you get from the doctor’s reply to these questions.