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Check Your Airbags! Do They Work?

Having functional vehicle airbags are one of the “must-haves” when having a functional car. You know accidents don’t usually give pre-notice so, it is best to guard yourself and co-passengers with functional airbags before hitting the road every day. To add to that, the “Takarta airbag recall” has also made it necessary to have functional one too.

If you are just getting a car, here is why you need to get functional airbags…

  • In the event of a crash, a functional airbag pops out forms a parachute and shields your head and heart from grave impact.
  • Functional airbags will have functional sensors that detect an imminent crash and responds in activating the bags in milliseconds.
  • In a nutshell, before having a car you need to make up mind to have a functional airbag all the time.

Now, the test here is finding out just how functional your vehicle airbags are and here is how to check.

  • Check the indicator light on the dashboard.

One of your first place for observation is to check for the airbag indicator light when you engage the car ignitions. Do they come up with other indicator lights and go out later? If yes, you still a dependable airbag. If it fails to pop on, flashes or stays throughout the driving, chances of a fault should not be ruled out. This is when you reach out to your automobile technician.

  • Get manual electrical testing too.

Some cars may not have electrical signals indicator systems, what you need to do if you have a car like this is to still visit your technician if you don’t have a multimeter and a clock spring, which you are unlikely to have. Your mechanic will help you conduct a manual test to verify your vehicle’s airbag functionality.

  • Contact a trusted technician after a crash. If you had a crash earlier with the car and your airbag got activated, it can be replaced and still save you in the event of another mishap. But that depends on the safety it is given at the point of replacement. Safety here demands that your reliable technician have to get an original airbag and must also use original equipment with manufacturers’ parts. When this happens, you are certain of having functional and trusted airbags in your vehicle.

Your car needs to have functional airbags because you deserve to drive your vehicle without fears or unnecessary worries about car components like a functional airbag. So, remember to check yours every morning and have a safe trip every day, you must have it!