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The Most Dangerous Holidays for Driving

Everyone knows how important it is to drive carefully on New Year’s Eve. But what isn’t obvious is how deadly other, seemingly more mundane, holidays can be.

In Texas and beyond, revelers who celebrate with alcohol can put everyone else on the road at risk. This is especially true as the cost of flying has gone up and the economy has gone down, and more people are using their cars to travel long distances.

How the Holidays Stack Up

Perhaps surprisingly, Thanksgiving is the deadliest driving holiday. This is in part due to heightened road congestion, aggressive driving and driver fatigue. It is also caused by drinking and driving: Thanksgiving is, for many, a holiday of excesses. Some drivers prolong that excess when they get behind the wheel.

Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day are the next most deadly holiday weekends. New Year’s Eve and Halloween follow. A holiday that occurs on a Friday or Saturday can see more traffic deaths because 30 to 60 percent more people typically die in car crashes on the weekends.

Remedies for Drivers and Passengers Injured in Texas Car Crashes

For people whose holiday weekends are marred by injury in a Texas motor vehicle crash – or by losing a loved one to a drunk driver – compensation for the damages they have suffered may be available. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering may be sought by people whose lives have been altered by a negligent driver.

It pays to be extra careful, or avoid driving altogether, on holiday weekends. But if the worst happens, an injured driver may have the right to seek remedies.