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Dangerous Prescription Drug Lawsuits

Some people are not aware of this, but you are allowed to sue an organization if the drugs you got from them harmed you in the process, and especially if this side effect was not listed on the pamphlet.

You can get fair compensation from the organization involved, once you can prove that their drug harmed you or caused you side effects that you were not warned about.

Types of Side Effects

There are different kinds of side effects, there are the mild ones, like the drowsy side effects that come with taking flu drugs, and the ashy, dry feeling in the throat that comes with taking Seretide. There are some more serious ones, like heart pain, fainting, swelling in different parts of the body.

It is the job of the drug producers to write down all these side effects and why they might be triggered in different people on the pamphlet accompanying the drug. When they fail to do this and you or someone you know gets affected by this drug, you are entitled to compensation from the organization if you win the case.

Suing the organization

This is allowed to happen, if and only if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the side effects you experienced were as a result of the drugs taken and not something else, and most importantly if there were no warnings about the side effect you had.

Your case

You can always sure of ‘failure to warn’, and this could be linked to so many cases. While there is a pamphlet inside the packet with a list of side effects, one the packet, a shorter list is supposed to be placed on it, with the serious and no serious side effects listed therein.

The reason is, the person might not be able to read that whole pamphlet but would have read both sides of the pack before taking the drug, or the physician would have read the pack before administering the drug.

This can be chucked up to the design defect claim if the organization was able to prove that they had listed the side effects in the pamphlet.

Over a million people each year, end up with horrible side effects from drugs, and this is why the dangerous drug lawsuit is a thing, giving you the right to make sure an organization pays for not properly testing a product before sending it out to the market and endangering the lives of those who ingested these products.

If you have experienced side effects from a defective drug, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact Herrman & Herrman as soon as possible to schedule your free consultation.