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Mcallen Bailiff Allegedly Forged Judge’s Signature on Warrant

Allegations against De La Cruz state he helped with the movement of cocaine by procuring court and police documents related to drug seizures for people working for drug cartels.

The government alleges in count one that the aforementioned defendants conspired to possess and distribute more than 5 kilos of cocaine from January 2016 to February

In De La Cruz’s complaint, individuals referred to as “CS 1” and “CS 2” outlined how they worked with an official at the county courthouse to get their hands on “fictitious” court documents helping them steal the substance from suppliers.

De La Cruz, along with Marin Macrin Cerda, Jose Miguel Montemayor, Cesar Alejandro Tovar-Guillen and Juan Fernando Mata, a former police officer with the McAllen Police Department, who has more than 13 years in law enforcement experience, were named in the superseding indictment, court record shows.