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Preventing Death by Drowning in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi, TX is home to a vast number of beaches, pools, and lakes. Most times these places always end up being prime fun destinations for families during summer. As fun as a beach/pool day is, it can also be a dangerous drowning risk.  Children in Corpus Christi are at risk of drowning.

According to reports from various sources. The state of Texas is known for reporting a vast amount of drowning deaths yearly. It is said to have a drowning problem, as from the beginning of the year till now over 14 children have died from drowning and even last year Texas and Florida recorded the highest amount of drowning in pools and spas for children under the age of fifteen.

With how rampant drowning is, Corpus Christi parents and caretakers are now taking matters into their own hands. Children are now being enrolled for swimming classes at very young ages just so they can get accustomed to water early, however, just learning how to swim is not enough! If you are a parent, sibling, caretaker or if you plan on taking a kid to the beach or pool soon there are a few safety measures we think you should embrace to prevent drowning deaths.

Safety Measures to prevent drowning deaths:

  1. Never allow children close to water without supervision: We all know how children below the age of 10 act when they are having fun, they wander around and they tend to do risky things without thinking about the consequences so before you allow your child or any child go to the pool or beach make sure there would be an adult present. If there is going to be more than one child there try to get more adults to come so more eyes can keep a close watch on the children.
  2. Make sure there is a lifeguard present: Even though your child can swim, never let them swim without a lifeguard on the ground as water-related accidents can happen at any time. Also, make sure your child knows and can identify the lifeguard too just so they can signal for help in case you don’t notice on time.
  3. Make sure your child always wears a safety device while swimming: Safety devices go a long way in preventing kids from drowning. So, on pool days and even beach days make sure your child wears a life jacket before entering the water. You can also get floaters for them too if necessary! Just ensure that they are properly kitted.
  4. Make sure pools are properly fenced and child- friendly: On pool days, inspect the pool before your child enters just to make sure it is secure and if you have a pool at home put barriers around the water area, fence it if possible and make sure the fence is not too low as if it is your child will climb it.

In addition to this, a few other preventive measures you can take to prevent drowning include installing pool alarms, blocking pool access, buying pool emergency equipment’s and learning how to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case of emergencies.