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If Your Child Is Injured At Daycare – Who Is Liable?

Your reasons for opting for the daycare services was to get some care for your little one(s) during your busy hours in the day. And this has been the routine until some uninvited accidents sneaked its unpleasant presence into the daycare, leaving behind a gloomy atmosphere. What will you do when you arrive at the crèche to pick him/her and get greeted with wails?

Sometimes an accident can occur when the children are on a field trip but the caregivers are inexcusable and can be held responsible.

Inside the daycare, injuries often happen when the caregiver neglects and fails to keep a keen watch on the child.

When they forget to remove harmful items that put the child in harm’s way.

The child’s curiosity gets them more than they asked for.


When the caregiver abuses the child.

Have you had an experience like this before? If not, here is what to do in the event of this sort…

Alert the caregivers immediately.

Most times you may not meet a wailing child and you will likely notice this injury at home, whatever the case, call them immediately. If the caregiver does not supply enough information, speak with the supervisors, leave a voicemail message for them if they are unavailable to answer the call.

Let them become aware of the development while you get your child treated for the injury.

Alternatively, if you noticed the injury at the daycare find out from the care attendants how it happened, was your child naturally curious and landed in danger? Get these facts with pictures to serve as proofs if you or your lawyer decide to press for claims.

Get proper medical treatment.

Let mentioned earlier, your child’s condition demands immediate medical attention, while still gathering information on the cause. Now, it is important to keep your child’s medical document, the impact, and the cost of the injury and treatment. This information will help you get your due compensation if you seek claims.

Get your lawyer.

With the above documents and information, your attorney will help your claims press through. Did you ever think you couldn’t sue a daycare? Now you know you can if you want to when your child sustains an injury. All you need to do is to find an experienced injury lawyer if you have none. A personal injury attorney will thoroughly analyze the situation, explain the laws guarding your case and daycare injuries, this will give you a background on what to expect from the matter. Your attorney will also examine the case and counsel you on the best action path to tow.

How distressing and disappointing it feels to meet your child looking starved or neglected of care at a place where care is promised. But these situations are sometimes not deliberate and when they happen, you can still get a little succor.