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It is Possible to be Injured in a Minor Car Collision?

The short answer is YES. You can be injured in a collision that may appear to be minor in nature. However, if that were the end of it, this wouldn’t be a very interesting article. I am a personal injury attorney. Helping people who have been injured by an intervening event is my expertise. I have been practicing as a personal injury attorney for many years. As a personal injury attorney, I deal with a wide range of injury cases. The cases I handle vary in the type of case (i.e. premises liability case; motor-vehicle collision case; work injury case; etc.). Cases I handle also vary in the severity of the injuries attached to the intervening event.

Some of the cases that I work on are very catastrophic collisions with severe injuries. The catastrophic cases are the cases everyone thinks about when they think of ‘lawyers and car wrecks.’  But the fact is, as I mentioned above, I also handle cases that are not so severe in nature. These lower severity cases may not be appealing to a television audience. They may not be glamorous cases either, but injuries definitely occur with glaring regularity in lower impact collisions.

Just last week, I was working on several files on my docket that had minimal property damage. At least from the naked eye’s perspective, that’s what it seems. ALL of the clients that I represent and help have been injured in some way from the intervening event that led them to my door. In this discussion, we are focusing on the minor impact of car collisions. These car wrecks happen all the time, every day, in every neighborhood. The truth of the matter is: we are not all built like FOOTBALL players. We cannot sustain trauma to our bodies. We have not trained for that type of impact. Say a regular person gets into even a minor car crash. There will be extensive, negative ramifications to the body.

Furthermore, some of the injuries that often occur from a minor vehicle collision are whiplash, bruising, soreness, and stiffness. Other common injuries are spinal herniations, shoulder injuries, neck injuries, and lower back injuries. Also, due to the body’s natural reaction to shock and injury, you may not feel the effects of the collision. They may even go unnoticed for several days or weeks. The most important thing you can do for a car wreck if you have been injured is to see a healthcare provider that can assess and diagnose your injuries. At that point, if necessary, a proper treatment plan can be administered.

Author – William Privette