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Saving a Drown Victim

The watchword is speed. When you notice or suspect that someone is drowning, act immediately; call for help if you need to, or alert the lifeguard. Prompt action is the most important factor in whether or not a drowning victim will survive.

Usually, everyone heading to the pool, beach or Water Park sets out perhaps to loosen up, take in fresh air or just have a good swim. The sight of someone drowning before you can turn your would-have-been perfect outing into the most terrifying scene forever. No guilt can cripple you faster than knowing that you couldn’t have done anything to help even if you wanted to.

Therefore, every water lover should learn these basic tips to help save a drowning victim.

Habitually scan and observe

It’s just the smart thing to do. Be your brother’s keeper. Any time you are at the pool or beach, survey the area occasionally. The special groups to specifically look out for our kids and the elderly.

Learn to spot signs of drowning when you see one

Drowning is not the only mishap that can befall a swimmer. Some suffer cramps while swimming and may just need medical care. Learning the signs of active drowning can guide you on the right intervention to give.

Here are some of the things to watch for:

  • A swimmer that is in distress
  • Someone who can no longer coordinate their movement
  • Someone who may struggle for about 40 seconds on the surface then get submerged
  • Remember: Drowning victims may not move towards help or call out

Once you notice any of these signs, get ready to act.

Set out to reach the victim

Decide whether to go into the water, reach out from the land, or call for help from the shore. If there’s a need to dive into the water, ensure you take any necessary tools such as a flotation device or life vest. However, only dive to the rescue if you are a strong swimmer.

One may not predict when these tips will come in handy. Just prepare to always save the day – you just might someday. But whenever you find yourself in the position to help a drowning victim, always call for more help so others are aware also; you never can tell, a lifeguard might be ashore.

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