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WATCH OUT! — for 18 Wheeler Blindspots

Did you know that nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year? This information is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In this write up you will learn about the blind spots of 18 wheeler trucks.

Blind spots are those sections around a vehicle that appear impossible for an average driver to see or be cautious of any activity that may be going on in that particular space(s).

Learning about these areas around a long vehicle, especially, would assist you in ensuring that you keep safe on the roads.

Below are blind spots of an 18 wheeler truck

Close range at the front end of the truck

Both sides of the front end of an 18 wheeler truck especially when it is at a close range. This compass, in particular, is a spot the driver behind the wheels may not be able to see. The height of the front end of the truck places the driver at an altitude which rather gives them the advantage to see the long-range and distant views. You don’t want an 18 wheeler to get too close to you in traffic or else your vehicle will be caught in a web that shut out the sight of your car.

Spaces slightly behind and directly below the truck’s windows at both sides

You can be sure that any activity that goes on within these spaces would be at the risk of those involve because at that point the driver of the 18 wheeler is completely oblivious of whatever event that may spring up in these areas. If you find yourself at a spot that positions you slightly behind and directly below an 18 wheeler window at both sides of the truck, be informed that you are plying at a blind spot.

Directly behind the truck

When you are directly positioned at the center back of an 18 wheeler truck within a close range, you’re in a zone that is completely shut out from the view of the driver. It is advised that car drivers either change lanes when you are at the back of an 18 wheeler or deliberately initiate an attempt to keep a distance.

The right side of the truck ranging from the cab to the trailer end

Surprisingly not many people are aware that almost the entire right side of an 18 wheeler may be a blind spot. As much as possible do not pass an 18 wheeler truck on the right side.


It is important to take note of these blind spots when you have an 18 wheeler truck as a company on the road.