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What Types of Injuries Result In a Personal Injury Lawsuit

A friend once fell off the stairs in a grocery store. Everything happened in a split second that she couldn’t give a vivid description of how it all went down. She sustained a hip injury from the fall but sadly, we couldn’t establish a convincing case to hold the premise owners liable.

This is just one out of a million out there who may be suffering from the carelessness or negligence of others and are not aware that they deserve certain compensations to cushion the accrued expenses. This article provides a list of injuries that can attract a personal injury lawsuit; and will also help the party involved to know where they stand.

When there’s a slip or a fall

This type of accident always comes with lots of grey lines. However, one can safely file a personal injury lawsuit under premises liability claim if there’s clear evidence that the fall was the fault of the property owner or a tenant in possession of the property.

In events of a car accident

We see this all the time in the traffic. It could be a collision between vehicles, vehicles, and animals, pedestrians, buildings, trees, poles, etc. The injuries incurred by these collisions are mostly fatal – damages, disabilities, or even loss of life. And more often than not, it always stems from someone’s careless driving or faulting traffic laws. In these instances, the defendant or their insurance company is held liable.

When one suffers due to medical negligence

You can file for a medical negligence claim when you suffer undue pain, sustain an injury, or lose a loved one when a health care provider deviated from the standards of their professional practice. These particular lawsuits are never one-way traffic; you may need an experienced lawyer and good evidence. 

Intentional torts

This covers assaults and battery. Unlike most personal injury cases where there could be uncertainty as to who is a fault, this represents all cases of a deliberate attack on a person. And often comes with a two-fold charge where the assailant will pay compensation to the victim and also face criminal charges

Character assassination

This category addresses all injuries, pain, or loss an individual or a group may suffer due to slander or false public statements about them. However, the requirements may differ depending on who the plaintiff is. With celebrities and public figures, there may be a need to prove actual malice as opposed to average persons.

Toxic torts

Unaware to many, personal injury claim can be pursued when an individual or a company releases airborne or water contaminant that results in the death, disability, injuries, or illness of persons in a community.

Getting justice is always a lot easier when you’re sure you are in the right courtroom and have all your evidence ready for the attack. Therefore start by doing your homework before contacting an attorney.