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Airbags for Cyclists

Airbags have come a long way over the years and have been responsible for saving many lives for those involved in car accidents. Car manufacturers have added multiple airbags, side airbags, and even airbags within car doors to protect those inside the vehicle. Yet when it comes to cyclists, it seems all they have to rely on is the helmet they wear, and that is if they choose to wear one, to begin with.

The United States may need to look abroad for guidance when it comes to road safety. A Swedish company has introduced a revolutionary way of thinking about airbags for cyclists. The Hovding is an airbag cycle helmet that provides the best shock absorption in the world, according to the company. When compared to traditional helmets, the Hovding protects more of the cyclist’s head and can, therefore, absorb more of the impact. In a test from 2012 from the Swedish insurance company Folksam, Hovding proved to have more than three times better shock absorbance than all other helmets tested.

The stylish and overprotective nature of the helmet proves to be something worth looking into for American consumers. With more and more people operating some alternative form of a vehicle every year be it a bike, motorcycle, scooter or other, this may just be the next big thing. Many cyclists do not like to wear helmets, they think it obstructs their vision and limits their mobility. However, with the Hovding, you wouldn’t even notice you had one on. As one consumer commented, “using Hovding when I’m cycling is as natural as putting on a seat belt in my car when I’m driving.”

How Hovding works is the result of years of research that began in 2005. The helmet can sense the rider’s movements and patterns to react in the case of an accident. The helmet then inflates, fixates your neck, and provides superior shock absorption all within a tenth of a second. The algorithm records the cyclist’s movements 200 times per second inflating the airbag when it senses any abnormal movement. Truly a step forward for cyclists around the world.

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