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Child Drowning – Accidents & Rights

Beyond the lurking dangers that surround kids and water, their bond is almost inseparable. To most children, water holds an undertone of fun and adventure. But while you want your kids to always have the best time at the water park, pools or beaches, it’s also important you know what your rights are should they get involved in a drowning accident.

Oftentimes, kids drown due to the recklessness or negligence of others. This could be caused by what the pool or waterway operators did or failed to do or just sheer recklessness of other swimmers. For instance, if a lifeguard or another kid behaved in ways that may have resulted in the drowning of a kid, what the victim’s family do?

Know the pool regulations

The truth is, you wouldn’t know what your rights are if you don’t know the regulations that should guard the operation of a pool, water park, and hot tubs. There are Federal and State laws that have been put in place to prevent (especially children) from drowning. For example, operators of public swim houses are mandated to install drain covers to prevent kids from drowning by suction. When that is not in place, then you have strong evidence to build your case.

Sue if you may – it’s your right

You don’t have to go through the trauma and hurt alone; you have the right to sue for wrongful death. Make all necessary contacts to get an expert personal injury attorney as soon as possible. It’s their duty to carefully examine all evidence against whoever is responsible for the downing as well as to protect your rights while pursuing recovery.

Your family has a right to due compensation

There’s already the pain of losing your little one to deal with, the financial burden shouldn’t be added to that. We know that no amount of money will fill the void the incidence left behind; however, due compensation will definitely help with the cost of a funeral, medical expenses and intangible losses like companionship or consortium. Your family deserves this money; therefore get it if you can.


Drowning accidents, especially one that takes away the breath of the source of one’s joy, can be a hard pill to swallow. As is usually the case, you can be trapped in the ‘if only…, then this could have been avoided’ for a long while. Don’t go through it alone. Get all the help you need, arm yourself with your rights and have the negligent party and their insurance company drink from your cup of pain.