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Dog Bite Liability

Dogs are, without doubt, one of the most loved animals by man — largely because of their friendly, energetic, loyal, and fun nature. The relationship between man and dog goes back a long time and has only waxed stronger ever since.

Today, a good number of homes in the world own at least one dog as a pet or guard. It has also been reported that dogs, alongside cats, are the two most owned animal pets in America recently.

This goes to show how much love dogs enjoy all over the world. But, as much as they love dogs, people are often at risk of being bitten or injured by the same dog if proper care is not taken.

This is why different governments around the world have set rules and policies to help protect citizens against dog bites. In this article, we shall discuss some important things you should know about dog bite liability.

What Does Dog Bite Liability Mean?

In simple terms, dog bite liability entails the cost implications that a dog owner is to incur if his or her dog bites someone. Oftentimes, the liability cost is to cover the medical treatment expenses for the injury resulting from the bite. What this means is that you are entitled to some payments from a dog owner if his/her dog bites you under these conditions;

If There is Proof of Security Negligence on the Owner’s Part; dog bite liability applies if it can be proven that there is negligence on the part of the dog owner. For instance, if he does not abide by a local leash dog law.

Prior Knowledge of Impending Danger; dog bite liability also applies if it can be proven that the dog owner had prior knowledge of the dog’s tendency to inflict an injury, and yet did not act to prevent it.

Defense for Dog Bite Liability

Dog owners might just escape dog bite liability responsibilities if they can prove:

  • That the victim was trespassing at the time of the bite
  • That there was security negligence on the part of the victim.

Dog bites are capable of causing serious injuries and even death. If you have been the victim of such an attack, talk to an experienced attorney at Herrman & Herrman. We will walk you through your legal options step by step. Contact us now.