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Don’t Panic – Take These 6 Simple Steps After an Accident

After being in an accident most people tend to panic. It is important to remain calm and collected in order to ensure that you take the proper steps following a car crash. Frantically yelling at the other driver or forgetting to exchange information can seriously harm you in the case you decide to file a claim. Taking a deep breath will help shift your focus from the collision to what you need to do next.

Here are 6 simple steps that you should remember after suffering from a motor vehicle accident.


Remember, either your insurance or the driver’s insurance will cover you. This is why we have insurance, to provide financial support in these difficult, unexpected times. So do your part, take a deep breath, make sure everyone is okay and begin taking the steps shown above.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, contact the personal injury law office of Herrman and Herrman to speak with an experienced attorney. Call 361-792-2358 to schedule a free consultation today!