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Home VS. Corporate Daycares

Parenting a child is not easy, especially when it is the first time. Among the top questions that would be on top of your mind is “Should I put my child in a home or corporate daycare?”

This question is valid because as a responsible parent you want what is best for your child. You want him or her to develop socially, academically, and emotionally. However, parents are often torn between these two choices.

Should you teach your child at home, so that you can be closer to him or her? Or do you place the child in a corporate daycare so that you can focus more on your work?

Let us look at both options.

Home Daycare

The number reason why many parents choose this option is that they want to be close to their children. Many feel that no matter how structured a corporate daycare is, it could never replace the love and affection that a home would give to a child.

Daycare center employees are just that – employees, so they can never treat a child like a parent would.

Training a child is no easy work though. There would be a time when you wished that actually took the child to a daycare. There would be bouts of tantrum, spillings, and a lot of messing around.

Studies have shown that children cared for in Corporate nurseries had more behavioral problems than those who had been cared for by their parents or by other relatives. This was even more evident when the nurseries were of poor quality and worsened when the children spent more hours in them.

Corporate Daycares

The financial situation of our time almost makes it compulsory for both parents to work. With both parents at work, the child has to be placed in daycare.

Daycares can be fun too. The reason is that they are centers designed specifically for taking care of children until their parents come to get them.

These daycare centers often feature many activities that your children would love. You kids also get to socialize with other children that come to the daycare too. In truth, daycares offer many experiences that are not available at home.

Final Thoughts

If you and your spouse have to work to provide for the family, then enrolling your child in daycare is not a bad idea. This gives you time to focus on work. In the case where you are stay-at-home mom or dad, then training your child at home is the logical choice.

In all, you want what is best for your kid. So take your time to analyze your situation and see which option works best.