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How Lack of Transportation Is Hurting Healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley

Top public officials in the Rio Grande Valley have been struggling to improve healthcare in the region. One leading factor to this issue is the lack of transportation provided. This is not a shocking discovery to those who are native to the region. It is well known that those who seek healthcare will have difficulty because of the time and distance it takes to reach destinations here in the Rio Grande Valley, an area that stretches over 200 miles.

So much of the population lives in rural areas and doesn’t have immediate access to public transportation, and many healthcare facilities do not provide transportation making it a struggle for those who lack transportation. This is a continuous issue that has not reached a solution, heavy studies need to be done regarding new facilities and programs so that residents can live comfortably and maintain access. With this roadblock, the steps to better healthcare will be very difficult.

While some may think that healthcare costs are the number one issue residents face, that is not the case any longer. Transportation has become a leading issue in terms of healthcare. Not to mention the roads infrastructure hasn’t been exactly updated, there are many colonials without access to paved roads and expressways. Starr County is a perfect example of that being one of the leading rural counties in the area.

In the Personal Injury field, this issues come up quite often, where not all facilities carry transportation for clients while they are undergoing repairs to their vehicle. This certainly brings up a challenge with everyday healthcare services that are needed, to those who have been affected by an accident or simply just do not have the means. The local governments and healthcare facilities need to come up with a plan to fix this ongoing issue, everyone deserves to receive basic health services.