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Property Tax Season is Here

2017 property tax statements have been sent out across most counties by now. Strongly encourage if you have not received your 2017 tax bill to contact your local county tax office as by law it is up to the property owner to notify of any change of address.

2017 property taxes are due by January 31 in order to avoid late fees. Most county tax offices are online and give you options for payment. If you have issues with the value your property is being assessed at contact your local county appraisal district to discuss with them as the tax office taxes on the information received from the appraisal district.

Every year thousands of statements are mailed to undeliverable mailing addresses or to incorrect owners so in order to avoid the headaches of late fees and collectors contacting you regarding delinquent billing, please take the time and contact now. Failure to receive a tax bill is not a defense to waive late fees, unfortunately.

If the property being taxed is your homestead you may have the ability to lower your taxes if you apply for a homestead exemption. Additionally, you may qualify for a payment plan. Your local county tax office and appraisal district will be able to guide you on the procedure and paperwork needed to take advantage of these options.

For business owners, if you have furniture, fixtures, and equipment you use in your business please be advised you may receive a tax statement on what is called “business personal property”. In addition to the regular property taxes, these are also required to be paid annually to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

If the business was open on January 1 you will be taxed for the full year for these taxes. Once again disputes in value should be taken to your local county appraisal district office. If your business was closed before January 1 please notify your appraisal district and they may be able to assist you with removal.

Should you be over 65 and/or disabled and you are having trouble making the tax payments on your home you may qualify for a deferral which will alleviate you from the worry of a potential foreclosure should you be unable to make payments or get behind. Your tax office or appraisal district will be able to assist you with this as well.

With the holiday season approaching and everyone is preparing for big expenses, don’t forget to put this on your list and plan ahead.