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Warning Signs of Elderly Abuse

Statistics show that one out of every six elderly people over 60 have experienced elderly abuse. While in most cases these abuses are meted out in subtle forms of negligence, financially, emotionally and verbally. In other cases it comes in more serious forms like sexual abuse and physical abuse.

Elderly abuse is found most often in nursing homes, where there is often no actual surveillance. Residents are often left in the care of overworked and underpaid caretakers, who sometimes project these frustrations on them.

At Herrman & Herrman, we know that when you have an elderly loved one in a home, it is important to check on them regularly. Even if they are being treated badly, they might not speak up about it because they do not know how to explain the issues.

Moreover, because of the mental health issues plaguing many of our elderly loved ones, we do not take what they say to heart, as we think it might be their dementia speaking.

That said, here are warning signs of elderly abuse that you should look out for in your elderly loved ones who are in the care of people other than you.

3 Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Bruises and injuries: When you go to visit them, do a routine check of their bodies, look out for bruises and injuries, new and old scars. This will help you know if physical abuse is being meted out on them. When you notice them, it should be clear that it is time to report to the appropriate authorities or completely take them out of that space where they are being abused.

Malnourishment: When your loved one starts losing weight for no reason and you know they are not sick, there is a chance that they are not being properly fed. Make your investigations and take your findings to the proper authorities and let them know that you do not think some things are right.

Depression: If your loved one starts being sad and withdrawn, it could be an indication of abuse. It could be worth hiring a psychologist or counselor to help & option of moving them away from harm.

Contact an Elderly Abuse Lawyer in Corpus Christi

Elderly people who are being abused die faster than those who are not being abused. If you believe that your loved one has been abused or neglected at a nursing home, you need an experienced elderly abuse attorney. Fill out our online form to reach Herrman & Herrman now.