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10 Mother’s Day Ideas — How to Celebrate Your Mom During Quarantine

Settling into our “new normal” during the COVID-19 pandemic means taking a new approach towards pretty much everything, including how holidays are celebrated.

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, most of us are being forced to rethink how we can celebrate our moms — some of whom are in the high-risk age range — as we are being advised to keep a safe distance from our loved ones.

Fortunately, in the age of technology, there are a few ways that you can still send your mom a gift for Mother’s Day, spend some virtual time with her and make her feel special.

From video-chat dinner dates to virtual workouts to custom made cards — here are 10 creative ways to celebrate your mom during quarantine:

1. eGift cards

Most retailers offer online gift card options that can be purchased and sent virtually. Mother’s Day during quarantine would be a great opportunity to take advantage of this option by checking the website of your mom’s favorite store to see if they offer eGift cards. You can also checkout Giftcards.com where you can buy a gift card and email it. For those of you in the Pittsburgh area, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership is offering a way to celebrate your mom while supporting local businesses through the Gift Card Give Back initiative. For every gift card purchase from a range of Downtown and Strip District businesses, PDP will add an extra 25% bonus towards its revenue.

2. Video message

Although you may not be able to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day in person, you can always record you and your family members saying a few nice words and send her a video. You and your siblings can each record yourself on your phone sending your mom well wishes and edit the clips together in a nice compilation. Mobile apps like iMovie, Wave and Filmora allow you to easily slice videos together on your phone and add graphics or music to customize the video even further.

3. Send a personalized message from her favorite celebrity

If you think your mom would be enamored by a video message from you, imagine her reaction when she gets one from her favorite celebrity. Cameo is a digital company that lets fans book a personalized video message from a range of talent of their choosing. From professional athletes, to musicians, to actors to reality TV stars, you can purchase a customized video from someone famous to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day. Cameo has also launched a COVID-19 Relief Campaign in which its donating proceeds from select video requests towards coronavirus relief efforts.

4. Create your own eCard

If you want to save yourself the hassle of running into the store, armed with a mask, pacing up and down the greeting card aisle, you can always create your own Mother’s Day card online. Sites like Canva allow you to customize a virtual card that you can send to your mom by email or by phone. Blue Mountain also offers a range of greeting card templates.

5. Virtual dinner date

There are plenty of ways to video chat with your mom on Mother’s Day (FaceTime, Zoom, Skype etc.), so why not set up a date for you both to enjoy? Since restaurants are offering take-out only during the pandemic, maybe try taking an online cooking class with your mom. Or, you can order from an ingredient meal-kit service like Blue Apron or Freshly and go through a dinner recipe step by step with your mom on the other end of you mobile phone or tablet screen.

6. Send a Mother’s Day basket or care package

Easter isn’t the only holiday where baskets can be gifted. Quarantine Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to package a bunch of self-care items together to send to your mom in DIY basket form. Grab a bottle of wine, some bubble bath, her favorite snack, and her favorite scented candle to create a nice basket to be delivered to her front door. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, Fresh Nostalgia in Downtown is selling curated gift boxes filled with speciality items of your choosing.

7. Host a Netflix Party

Netflix and chill … but with your mom. Google Chrome has launched an extension called Netflix Party that allows Netflix account holders to stream and binge the platform’s content simultaneously with a group. If your mom has her own Netflix account and Chrome installed on her laptop or desktop, the two of you (or the whole family) can watch a movie or binge a show together on Mother’s Day. The party really starts with its group chat function where you all can comment live within the platform to discuss the movie together from wherever you are in the world.

8. Decorate your mom’s front door

If you have the ability to do a drive-by at your mom’s house, a great way to say Happy Mother’s Day would be to surprise her with a creatively decorated front door. Spring season is the perfect time to add a nice plant or wreath to your mom’s porch decor. For all the fathers with young children, maybe have them create some special arts and crafts dedicated to mommy that she cant flaunt on her doorstep. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for Mother’s Day door decorations.

9. Run a virtual race together

Since the start of the pandemic, marathon organizers have curated a ton of virtual run options that can be done while practicing social distancing. You and your mom can find a trail near each of your houses and start your race at the same time. If you can have a conversation in between catching your breath, bring along your headphones or video call your mom once you both complete your distance goals. Check out mothersdayrunwalk.com to sign up for a virtual 5K or 10K on Mother’s Day.

10. Take a virtual tour of a museum, zoo or theme park

We may not be able to visit any historic museums or take a trip to Walt Disney World in the near future, but you and your mom can tour dozens of places together from your own homes. There are over 30 museums, theme parks and zoos that are offering virtual tours during the pandemic. Set up a Mother’s Day date for you and your mom to visit The Louvre, the National Women’s History Museum or the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History through online exhibits. You can also virtually check out the Cincinnati Zoo, the National Aquarium and more.