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Beautiful open country roads attract many motorcyclists to South Texas from Corpus Christi down throughout the greater Rio Grande Valley. There are more than 400,000 motorcycles registered in the Lone Star State, making it the third most popular state for biking behind Georgia and California. While motorcycling may be an enjoyable and economical form of transportation, there are life-threatening risks for drivers and passengers.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2015 more than 450 motorcyclists were killed in accidents. Another 1,887 drivers and passengers suffered from incapacitating injuries such as brain damage and spinal cord damage. These fatalities and life-altering injuries included drivers and passengers with and without helmets. The statistics for injury and death may be daunting, but there are proactive ways to protect yourself, your friends and your family, and there is help available for those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle safety often begins with the bike purchase. Be sure to buy and ride only what you can handle. Choose a bike that you can easily lift on and off the stand, and make sure that you are able to put both feet flat on the ground when seated. Always wear a helmet, as riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer from a brain injury during an accident than those who wear one. Get in the habit of checking the weather before heading out as rain will interfere with your vision and it will reduce your tires’ grip on the road. If you have to drive in wet conditions, avoid making sudden stop and turns, and be gentle with the throttle and steering. Be extra cautious with road hazards such as potholes and rocks. Even seemingly harmless bumps can cause your bike to spin. More than 60 percent of motorcycle and vehicle collision are the fault of the car driver, so be aware of your surroundings in front, behind and beside your bike while on the road. Click the link for more motorcycle safety tips.

Motorcycle drivers and passengers still suffer from accidents and injuries even when they are taking the proper safety procedures. If you or someone you know have been injured or killed in a motorcycle accident, Herrman and Herrman can help you along the road to recovery. Contact us today for a free consultation with a skilled accident attorney.


Our bike accident lawyers understand, as a motorcycle rider, you want to look cool and stylish. But nothing looks cooler than staying safe on the road! That’s why always wearing safety gear when riding a motorcycle is essential. Plus, the safety gear looks cool too. Invest in some quality safety gear today so that you can ride with confidence tomorrow.


Arguably the most critical safety gear for motorcycle riders, helmets protect your face and brain if you ever are in a crash. Only some states have a mandatory helmet law, but legality is not the most crucial reason for wearing a motorcycle helmet. In an accident, your head is especially vulnerable to life-threatening injuries. A helmet can be the difference between life and death in an accident, so you must take it seriously. We recommend a full-face helmet to protect your face along with your head, keep bugs out of your eyes, and, as a bonus, make it easy to wear Bluetooth headphones. Also, a full-face helmet looks cooler and adds mystery to your appearance.


Motorcycle jackets, pants, and suits are not just fashion statements but necessities. These pieces offer protection from the elements and road debris and provide riders with added safety in an accident. Motorcycle jackets are protective yet lightweight, allowing for maximum flexibility and comfort on the bike. Most motorcycle jackets and pants are abrasion-resistant and constructed with armor for additional impact protection in the event of a crash. Motorcycle suits offer similar protection as jackets and pants but are arguably more waterproof. With the number of dangers on the road, riders should always prioritize the highest quality motorcycle gear to ensure their safety. Quality jackets, pants, and suits can make all the difference in keeping a person safe and providing a rider with peace of mind.


Motorcycle boots not only look cool, but they also provide traction and protection for the bones in your feet in a crash. Unfortunately, there are tons of stories of riders getting into accidents and their regular sneakers flying off their feet, leaving their feet extremely vulnerable to severe injuries. When choosing a motorcycle boot, getting something durable and offering over-the-ankle protection is vital.


As with every other item on this list, gloves are crucial to protecting yourself in the event of an accident. While they look cool, they will likely be the first thing you use to catch yourself if you fall off your bike. Without gloves, you will probably break bones, lose skin, and lose some fingers.


Riding your motorcycle on the open road is one of the most exhilarating feelings you can experience. That is not to say there are no risks involved. Riding a motorcycle is also one of the most dangerous things you can do on the road. No matter how safely you ride, other drivers can make mistakes and endanger your safety at no fault of your own. If that happens, we know some lawyers who can help. But before then, you can ensure you wear the best gear to keep yourself safe. We have created this blog to show you what helmet to look for when getting ready for your next ride.


It is no secret that head injuries are one of the most common injuries in motorcycle accidents and the most vulnerable area of your body during a crash. This reason alone is why getting the best helmet for you is vital to protecting your safety when riding. While half-helmets look stylish, studies have shown that nearly half of the head injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident damage the chin, face, and cheeks. These injuries mean a full-face helmet is essential to protecting your face and the rest of your head. The top three factors to consider when deciding what helmet best fits you are the safety rating, the way the helmet fits, and the age of the helmet. 


When choosing a helmet, confirm it does meet the DOT standards. While it is illegal to sell helmets that do not pass the Department of Transportation’s test, companies can work around this by selling helmets as novelty helmets instead of motorcycle helmets. Some third-party companies, like the Snell Foundation, test the effectiveness of motorcycle helmets. The Snell Foundation tests helmets to a higher standard than DOT and proves what helmets go beyond and offer the best protection during an accident. Any helmet that has both the DOT and the Snell certification is trustworthy. 


The helmet a rider wears should fit snug on their head. Anything less than a tight fit can cause issues and affect the rider’s safety. If the helmet fits loose and lets too much airflow, the noise inside your helmet can reach dangerous levels and may even contribute to hearing loss. 


Nearly every helmet is only designed to withstand one impact. This impact can be as severe as a motorcycle accident or as simple as accidentally dropping it on the ground. Either way, once the helmet has suffered its first significant impact, any use as a practical motorcycle helmet is risky. This fact and the fact that most manufacturers recommend replacing a helmet after three years are why it is best to buy a new helmet instead of a used one. 

motorcycle accident lawyers


If you are in a motorcycle accident that results in a personal injury- no matter the severity—and you are not at fault, you may be eligible for compensation. If this may be your case, you should consult with a personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle accidents so that you can better your chances of a payout in court.


If a motorcyclist is injured in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, the motorcyclist can recover compensation for losses that result through a personal injury lawsuit. Compensable losses include property loss, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

Furthermore, if a loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, family members may be able to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. If you are a loved one was injured in a motorcycle accident, do not hesitate to contact a Texas motorcycle accident attorney at Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., who will review the facts of your case and represent you through this difficult period.


For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Texas lawyer regarding a motorcycle accident injury or death, please contact us first!

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