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Teachers Union Files Lawsuit After SAISD Board Changes Teacher Work Policy

The San Antonio Support Personnel and Teachers Alliance is filling a class action lawsuit after the San Antonio, TX ISD board verified a change to a teacher schedule and work policy. On Wednesday, ISD board members of San Antonio confirmed a change to a work schedule policy that would permit principals to manage teacher hours. Now, the San Antonio Support Personnel and Alliance of Teachers has filed a class-action lawsuit to stop that policy from being applied.

Principal’s of Local Schools Weigh In On New Policy

When commenting on the change in policy Moises Ortiz who is a principal at Rhodes Middle School said ”this is not about having people that are already working night and day work longer hours, but it is truly, how do we handle our talent pool to ensure we provide amazing customer service to our parents and finally take care of our kids.” Principal Ortiz said that this amendment is to facilitate the 100s of students that arrive in their school early or stay late.

Miguel Elizondo, Burbank High School Principal said the policy replacement allows him and his four fellow campus administrators to get some support from support staff and educators in ensuring security for 1,100 to 1,300 students after and before school daily. “Believe in us we are performing this for the best reasons.” He then stated” we are not going to extremely change your hours and affect your regular life. We want you to have the best work and family balance.”

Teachers Union Claims Their Suggestions Were Dismissed

President of the Teachers Union, Shelly Potter said that the union approached the region about the policy back in January and provided a range of suggestions and recommendations that were finally dismissed. Potter says the union trusts that this policy amendment violates teachers contracts and without safeguards, leaves teachers in danger to the superintendents and principals decisions.

When commenting on the new policy change, Adrian Reyna, who is a teacher said ”we perform this work because we love these children in our community. To not be capable to be part of this decision is painful.”

The policy change neither affects nor changes school bell or instructional hour schedules. Principals plan to start meeting with their staff and faculty members early in the week to make plans and talk about collaboration. Classes in San Antonio Independent School District start on August 13th.