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Making Father’s Day One to Remember – 5 Things You Can Do

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to spend time with and shows gratitude towards your dad. However, it’s not always easy to know what to do to celebrate him. You can make Father’s Day one to remember by planning activities that are both enjoyable and functionally will make both of your lives easier. Here are five ideas to consider this Father’s Day.

1. Offer to Help Your Dad with Chores or Other Duties

If your father is getting older and is no longer as mobile or limber as he once was. A great idea is to ask him if there’s anything he needs help with. You can spend part of the Father’s Day holiday tending to yard work, cleaning out gutters, making a big grocery shopping trip, and more.

2. Have a Barbecue Meal

Nothing quite screams Father’s Day like a good old cookout. Celebrate your dad by grilling burgers, hotdogs, vegetables, or fish. In June, the weather is typically just right for a celebration like this.

3. Head Out to the Driving Range or Fishing Spot

Not all dads like golfing or fishing, but if your dad enjoys one of these outdoorsy activities. Father’s Day is a great time to enjoy them with him. Take your father to his favorite driving range to work on his swing or to a fishing spot to see who can catch the biggest fish.

4. Go For a Dad’s Day Road Trip

Whether you have the day or are willing to celebrate for a week. Your dad is sure to enjoy a little road trip. It gives two of your—or more of you if you invite siblings—a chance to bond and to see the country.

5. Start Estate Planning and Will Planning for Dad

If your dad is nearing retirement, elderhood, or the end of his life. It is important that he gets started with estate planning or consults a trusted attorney to draw up a will. Ideally, these things would start much sooner than the end of his life, but if a will or other legal proceedings are not in place, it’s imperative to get them solidified. He should also specify who he would like to be his will’s executor to ensure that all his wishes are fulfilled at the end of his life.

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