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Fourth of July Weekend Events in Corpus Christi

Posted by Kristopher Rodriguez on July 1, 2016

There is a bunch of exciting and family friendly events happening in Corpus Christi this Fourth of July weekend. Concerts, parades, and much more will be happening across the Bayfront for those seeking to get out of the house and enjoy the summer’s largest firework show and get a

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Do You Really Need a Texas Truck Accident Attorney?

Posted by Gideon Law on June 30, 2016
truck accident

In the United States, it’s easy for many of us to take for granted the abundant and ready supplies of products and materials we routinely find in the stores,

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Rural Roads Twice as Dangerous

Posted by Kristopher Rodriguez on June 29, 2016
rural roads

With over 675,000 total lane miles in Texas, the state leads in the amount of accessible roads available for its drivers. While quite a large percentage of

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Keep Your Teens Safer With Hum

Posted by Kristopher Rodriguez on June 28, 2016

Hum is designed by Verizon to help keep your teen safer when sitting behind the wheel. With motor vehicle accidents serving as the leading cause

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Is Texting and Driving Illegal in Texas?

Posted by Audrey Lee on June 27, 2016

Texting and driving is not illegal in Texas in most situations unless you’re in a certain city; there are about 40 cities in Texas where it’s illegal

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Uber Security: Are You Safe?

Posted by Gideon Law on June 26, 2016

In recent years, real-time ridesharing has become a popular way for many city dwellers to get from one place to another by paying ride sourcing drivers to transport them

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Self-Driving Cars: Transportation of the Future

Posted by Kristopher Rodriguez on June 25, 2016
self driving

Transportation of the Future

Transportation is at a critical and exciting stage right now that can potentially change the traditional way we get around. For the past several decades not

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Public Transportation in the Future

Posted by Kristopher Rodriguez on June 24, 2016
public transportation

American highways have become congested, overcrowded, and dangerous for drivers in recent years. Cities have tried to build more roads and offer different lanes for different drivers yet it

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Deadly Texas Roads

Posted by Gideon Law on June 23, 2016
Dangerous Deadly Texas Roads and Highways Accident Attorney - lawyer for dangerous roads

Late last year, Texas Department of Transportation officials made note of a devastating statistic: the state had not had a single day without a fatality on its roads and

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Personal Injury Lawyers: Beyond the Stereotypes

Posted by Gideon Law on June 22, 2016
lawyers personal injury attorney corpus christi

The stereotypes surrounding the legal profession have been a part of society for centuries. Lawyers have been despised or looked down upon in many cultures, in much the same

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