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3 Mother’s Day Ideas That Will Make Mom’s Life Easier

Name three things about your mother — or a mother figure — that you try to model in your own life. What is your fondest or funniest memory about your mother or mother figure? If you could plan the ideal Mother’s Day celebration, what would you choose to do and why?

This year, on Mother’s Day, it’s important to take some time to thank your mom for everything she has done for you in the past and the present. However, if your mother is getting older, it may be high time for you to take over some of her responsibilities and have an open and honest conversation about what her aging process will be like. While this may not be the most fun or lighthearted conversation to have on a celebratory day, it can make both your life and your mom’s life much easier. Plus, having these types of conversations while everyone can reduce the stress of having them if your mom is not well.

Here are three ideas to consider this Mother’s Day

1. Ask Your Mom If You Can Take Over Daily Duties 

Start light: ask your mother if there are any daily tasks that she’s having trouble with or would like to pass on to you. This could be grocery shopping, helping with laundry, making doctors’ appointments, driving her to or from her work or engagements, and more. As we age, we often have trouble doing all of the things we were able to do when we were young, but we aren’t always willing to ask for help unless it is offered. This Mother’s Day, offer the help.

2. Get Her Opinion on Where She’d Like to Live

If you haven’t already, make sure you get your mother’s thoughts on where and how she wants to live out her later years. She may have strong feelings about whether she starts living in an assisted living residence, a nursing care home, or if she’d like to age in place. If she’s interested in aging in place, her home may need some modifications to make it more accessible and mobility friendly, like handrails, rugs on slippery hardwood areas, and moving bedroom accommodations downstairs, if applicable.

3. Start Estate Planning

If your mom is nearing retirement, elderhood, or the end of her life, it’s important that she gets started estate planning or consults a trusted attorney  at Herrman & Herrman to draw up a will. Ideally, these things would start much sooner than the end of her life, but if a will or other legal proceedings are not in place, it’s imperative to get them solidified.