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What You Should Know About Automation & Automobiles

Going by all the information available, we believe everyone would agree with us that the period of transitioning to automated automobiles is very close. Automation automobiles have been talked up in many quarters over the years with limited success, but if any of the developments coming up in recent times is anything to go by, then, we can all be sure that the time to rely on self-driven automobiles is really around the corner.

What the proponents of automated automobiles are trying to do is providing artificial intelligence for automobiles that would enhance them to drive themselves with minimal or no interference from humans. The argument has been that the process would make things better on many fronts, including safer driving on our roads, an extreme reduction in traffic gridlocks, lesser fuel consumption, among other benefits.

As expected, there have been a number of critics, but none of these criticisms have been successful in derailing the match towards the era of driverless automobiles, which is expected to hit us anytime soon, going by what we have seen so far. Since the whole process cannot be ushered in fully at the same time, the proponents of automation have created five different levels of automation that would be embarked on once the whole process kicks in.

The levels include:

  • Level 1-Autonomy: In level 1-autonomy, the driver still has a lot of work to do in driving the car. Although the automobile is equipped to perform some basic functions like steering and accelerating at different times, yet, the whole process still requires the guidance of the driver to work safely and effectively.
  • Level 2 Autonomy: In level 2-autonomy, there is a slight difference as the human influence is somehow reduced to just observation and checking out that everything is working fine within the automobile. Here the car can drive and park itself with little or no interference.
  • Level 3 Autonomy: In level 3 – autonomy, the game goes up a notch, as the automobile would be able to do nearly everything by itself without any form of interference. Sometimes, the only human interference needed might be to help in scanning the environment to ensure everything is in order.
  • Level 4 Autonomy: This is the next step to full autonomy. At this point, all you need do is relax in your vehicle and allow the robot do all the driving. You don’t even need to look out through the windows or scan your surroundings as that is taken care of. The only thing you might need to do is waiting for the system to ask for any assistance by itself if it deems it fit.
  • Level 5 Autonomy: Level 5 autonomy is the highest level of sufficiency. Here, you are all good without any form of interference. The automobile will drive itself, scan the environment itself, overcome any obstacle on the road and deliver you to your destination without any incidence.

What Countries are Embracing this Change?

A number of countries have started embracing the change to an era of self-driven cars. These countries have provided the platform and enabling environment in the past and they continue to lead the way as we head into the era. Leading countries in this aspect include; the United Kingdom, Singapore, Netherlands, USA, Germany, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, to mention but a few.

Final Notes

Without any doubt, we can all agree that it is more about when and not if automated automobiles would become a part of our lives in the not too distant future. All we can do as people is to get as much information needed to prepare us for the transition.